Over 95% of Tybee beach trash is plastic!
Over 95% of Tybee beach trash is plastic!


Total frequency distribution of beach trash by item for all beach sweeps where litter was counted and sorted, as of August 2017:

1. Butts & smoking related materials (packaging, lighters) - 75% of all trash

2. Straws & stirrers

3. Plastic bottle caps

4. Snack wrappers & food packaging

5. Styrofoam pieces

6. Paper & cardboard

7. Plastic fragments, all sizes

8. Aluminum cans

9. Plastic bags & baggies

10. Plastic bottles


- We've counted over 190,000 butts from Tybee's beach in less than 2 years and removed tens of thousands more that were not counted

- The Top Ten account for over 93% of all beach trash removed

- 96% of the Top Ten is made of plastic, including cigarette filters and styrofoam