Over 95% of Tybee beach trash is plastic!
Over 95% of Tybee beach trash is plastic!

Beach sweeps by the numbers...

In 2017, we held 65 beach cleanings involving 1,987 volunteers.

So far in 2018, we’ve hosted 68 clean ups that were attended by 2,163 volunteers.

Types of trash we find...

Total frequency distribution of beach trash by item for all beach sweeps where litter was counted and sorted, as of August 2017:

1. Butts & smoking related materials (packaging, lighters) - 70% of all trash

2. Straws & straw wrappers & stirrers

3. Plastic bottle caps

4. Snack wrappers & food packaging

5. Styrofoam pieces

6. Paper & cardboard

7. Plastic fragments, all sizes

8. Aluminum cans

9. Plastic bags & baggies

10. Plastic bottles


- We've counted over 260,000 butts from Tybee's beach in less than 2 years and removed tens of thousands more that were not counted; 210,000 have been recycled

- The Top Ten trash items account for over 93% of all beach trash removed

- 96% of the Top Ten is made of plastic, including cigarette filters and styrofoam